Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy birthday to me

Sunday was my birthday (I'm not saying how old I turned). I had a but of a grump leading up to it as I've really gone off getting older. I remember when I was younger being so excited and proud of being a whole year older, now I want the years to go backwards...

Anyway, after some initial stressing I decided to spend the day with just my husband, sister and her boyfriend. They took me to Spittlefields Market which I'm ashamed to say I hadn't been to before. It was a really interesting mix of arty stuff and I got a couple of really cute unusual tips and bags.

Next stop was Bea's for afternoon tea which the boys hadn't been to before. My sister and boyfriend are on the right of the table and me and my husband are on the left. Her blonde hair is my natural colour too if anyone is interested.

Look my boobies are made of cupcakes! They tasted very yummy ;)

My husband looks like he's eating the legs.

When my sister left, me and hubby went to the Trocadero Centre and I saw one of those fish pedicure places. Basically you put your feet in a tank of catfish which nibble all the dead skin off your feet.

The fish were loving my feet and it was the strangest feeling. I'm not usually ticklish, but this made me giggle lots. It was especially weird when the fish nibbled between my toes or their tips!

I've been wanting to try it and see if it has any benefit for a while and this was a really good deal (15mins for £10).

I can honestly say if you cam get through the first minute definitely give it a go. Afterwards my feet felt amazing and incredibly soft and smooth. I would for sure get it done again.

All in all despite the grumping it ended up being a chilled and lovely birthday.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

If you don't ask you don't get...

I went out for dinner with my husband and two friends from America a couple of nights ago. it was a lovely meal and at the end my husband finished his meal with an espresso. The cup and saucer it came in were really cute and I joked I was going to take one home with me. To my husbands dismay (and our guests amusement), when the bill came I quietly asked the waiter if their cups ever went missing and if so where there any repercussions. He ended up bringing me two cups and saucers and said to put them in my bag while his manager wasn't looking. So now I have two cute new espresso cups :)

My husband gets so embarrassed when I do things like this, but hey he knew I was a cheeky Scouser (someone from Liverpool) before we got married so he only has himself to blame really!

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