Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family day out in London

It was my sisters 30th birthday recently and on Saturday my mum came to London for the day and the three of us spent a day out around St Pauls. We treated ourself to afternoon tea first with a whole host of nibbles including scones and cupcakes. There was a selection of around 10 different teas to choose from as well.

It was booked solid all day and was a delightful little corner. The lampshades were tea pots and the sugar bowls were little pink pigs. I definitely want to go back and tea for two was more than enough for three people.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Museum of London. None of us had been before and it had a section of the old wall around London.

It had a mixture of stuff from ancient bones found in the River Thames through to 60s fashion and a street photography exhibition from 1890 - present day.

Pages from The Canterbury Tales.

Lady Ann Fanshawe's dress from the late 1700's. This was particularly interesting as she is a relative of ours and my mum has her biography which has been passed down the generations (I'm next in line).

Not a great photo but here we are with the Lindon Underground sin in the background. I'm the only one who hasn't stayed with my natural blonde hair colour.

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  1. The tea outing sounds absolutely delightful!!!