Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stuff I've been up to

Been a while since I last updated so here are some pictures of stuff I've been doing!

Tried being a sparkly vampire :)

Went to Athens and Delphi with Mariel and saw a bunch of old stuff

All very impressive and cool

Enjoying the views and sunshine

Celebrated five years of being married (yes we are giant geeks)

Spent time in Sherwood Forest

Yes we are this cool

Went to Warhammer World and looked at miniatures as well as this giant Orc

Went to panel at MCM Expo with cast of Futurarma. Was awesome and very funny

With my ladies in their cosplay (none for me this time but I did wear little shorts shock horror)

Spent a day in the woods with another friend

Awesome hipstamatic effects on iPhone camera created a green road.

Many more pictures on Facebook. Email me for details and friend requests.

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