Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another weekend, another mini adventure

Spent today on another mini adventure. We drove to Forest Green, a little village near Dorking within an hours drive of my house. We found a lovely pub with an organic shop that grows their own produce or sources from near by farms.

Sunday roast was mouth watering and afterwards we walked it off around the village green and duck pond.

Afterwards we went to Box Hill which is a Natural Trust Site. Essentially it's a hill with beautiful views and some woodland.

Me and hubby on Box Hill enjoying the views.

Looking straight down the hill.

Trying to blend into the trees.

Admiring the view from the woods.

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  1. lovely pictures :D

    me and Pete bumped into your Alex on the way home from seeing Petes mum yesterday :)

  2. Yes he told me, I was just inside the pub. Definitely have to meet up soon, it's been far too long x