Monday, February 28, 2011

Manchester and Liverpool

This weekend I had some client meetings in my favourite place, the North West. After my day in Manchester I had lunch with Nymeth from Things Mean a Lot. A lovely hot chocolate and scrambled eggs on a bagel at a lovely bohemian coffee shop with a second hand book shop at the back. Heaven :)

Nymeth clearly recommends this book she is currently enjoying. Must look it up.

Doing one of het favourite things, looking at books. Hopefully shell come to London soon and meet the monsters and see my book collection.

Over in Liverpool some of my family got together to celebrate my gran's birthday. Don't think I need to say how old she turned... I bought her the balloons and expected them to be about a third the size so had a real shock when the shop filled them with helium. It was a fun shock though :)

She seemed to enjoy her day and I hope to get back again soon. Here's hoping for an excellent year for her despite being kicked out of the nursing home that was finally found for her...

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  1. wow 95? glad you had a nice time with your family :) xx

  2. I will go to London indeed! And wow, 95 is impressive!

  3. Ah this made me smile SO much :D So awesome that you all got to see each other again. Miss you!!