Monday, January 10, 2011

Kingdom Hearts

The last couple of months I've been playing lots of Kibgdom Hearts. It's a series of computer games developed by Disney and Square Enix. Basically Disney worlds with Final Fantasy characters running around them.

First I played KH 258/2 Days (DS) which occurs after Chain of Memories (GBA). You play as Roxas performing a series of short missions in worlds like Twilight Town, Neverland and Beauty and the Beast. It wasn't my favourite but it fleshed out the story nicely.

Next was Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (PSP). This is a prequel to the whole series and you play the story through entirely as one of three characters. To get the whole picture you must do all three which unlocks more of the story and final boss battles.

It was a lot of fun and I will definitely play it again. I liked the new ability system an that the worlds are different from the other games like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

Finally yesterday I finished Kingdom Hearts II. J had started it ages ago and not finished it so I began again at the beginning. It made so much more sense playing it after the others as chronologically it's the most recent.

It's a beautifully animated game, my only issues are first it was too easy, must set on hard not average next time I play one. Second there are too many cut scenes and not enough game play.

Kingdom Hearts re:coded is out next weekend and takes place after KHII so now I am all caught up in time phew. This is so far the only series of games I have completed from start to finish.

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  1. I LOVE these games :D The only one I've actually played though is the first one :p I've watched people play the other ones in sat over peoples shoulders while they played the handhelds :p

  2. You need to get yourself the rest. The new one is in the post, hopefully it'll arrive tomorrow.