Saturday, October 9, 2010

New York Comicon Day 1

Some photos form the two hours I spent at comicon in New York on Friday. My flight landed at 3:15am and I went straight there arriving around 5pm. The jet lag didn't kick in until I sat down to eat dinner. Hopefully it isn't going to be too bad today... I have a cold but am taking lots of medication and powering through. Apologies as the next few days will be very image content heavy.

Mini Sora from Kingdom Hearts games series.

Characters from Soul Eater (I am hoping to go as Blair to the MCN Expo at the end of October this year too).
Awesome Japanese cop man :)

The Hulk, you wouldn't like him when he's angry...

There is a really large D&D Wizards of the Coast area and I will give it a go if they are letting beginners play and I have time over the weekend.

Funky looking knight type man.

Three sexy ladies.
The guy dressed as Chewy must be over 7 feet tall. I was wondering if they were wearing stilts but they walked normally. Hopefully they will be around later today so I can get a better look.

Sexy steampunk lady with lovely purple hair.

Lego man ripping his chest open.

Sexy lady I found in the toilets adjusting her costume (I should have asked the girl in the background if I could borrow her straighteners oops).

Sweetest girl I have met so far. Amazing figure and so friendly :)

Thought it was funny to see a tiger coming out of a suitcase and a giraffe in the background!

I haven't even found the panel or anime sections yet so that will be todays mission and hopefully I will see some more awesome costumes and meet some fun people so I am not on my own all day.

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