Monday, October 11, 2010

Comicon Day 3

The final day of comicon is now over sadly. The last day was possibly the most fun as it turned out.

Jane Yolen who signed a copy of Foiled for me and was very lovely. She was signing lots of books for kids as the last day was very child friendly.

Dan Abnet on the right whose autograph I got as a present for my husband who is a big fan. I'm such a good wife!

Scott Westerfeld signing my book. His panel was really funny and his new series sounds amazing. Very steam punk inspired with lots of beautiful illustrations.

Hit Girl and Big Daddy hanging around trying not to kill people.

The guy on the right is John Romita Jr (he did the artwork for Kick-Ass and has worked on Uncanny X-Men and Daredevil among other things) and sitting next to him is John Romita Sr. Sr has been in the comics industry since 1949. He did the character design for Wolverine and is probably best known for his work making Spider Man look how he does today.

The Bruce Campbell spotlight where he was very very funny and looked quite dashing.

Pointing out Evil Dead tattoos on a member of the audience.

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