Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Drinks with Sarah

Last weekend I met up with Sarah for my new weekly hot chocolate and cupcake yum. We decided to try brightly coloured foods. The orange is a drink and the purple a yoghurt.

Me and Sarah being cool and enjoying our yummy foodstuffs.

I can't get cupcakes this weekend as it's my birthday and I'm going away for a long weekend with my husband. Should be lots of fun, 4 whole days together yay!


  1. eee i really enjoyed our meet up :D my penguin top peaking into shot there ;)

    Pete posted your card today <3 I hope you have a great birthday weekend!


  2. Thanks Sarah. Will get the card when I get home. Helen all briefed on cat craziness and getting an early train tomorrow. Want to organise laser quest and or bowling soon to celebrate my birthday, will let you both know when.

  3. Ooooh... I love drink sessions with friends!

  4. Awww, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And enjoy your trip!