Monday, August 23, 2010


I can't believe I have never had a cupcake until this weekend. I'm a big fan of Costa Coffee hot chocolates and when I went in for my Sunday morning fix they had run out of plain croissants. Shocking I know. I figured some solid food would be good and they had the cutest looking selection of cupcakes. The yellow lemon one sounded particularly yummy and it was divine. The frosting was so tasty, I love the bitterness of lemons. I will definitely go back for more, maybe I'll try strawberry next time.

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  1. Yay!! I love your new blog :D Wait...did you just say you NEVER had a cupcake :o They are my favorite food ever! may it be the first of many!!

  2. Mmm cupcakes. Now I want one. And like Chris I'm shocked and disturbed that you hadn't had one before ;)

  3. Chris - Thanks and yes I somehow managed to never have one before O_o I will definitely be having more.

    Nymeth - I know not sure how it happened. I had rice crispie cakes but not cupcakes.

  4. Never had a cupcake?! You've been deprived! I'm a HUGE cupcake fan and I adore the local homemade gourmet cupcake shops around my town :)

  5. that's it, lady. i am so baking cupcakes for your visit. :)