Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pyjama Onesie

Normally I hate getting anything from Primark as the quality is so poor, however I couldn't resist this. Yes, your eyes do not lie. A snuggly pyjama onesie that even has little feet that have grips on. Possibly the most comfortable thing I have ever worn for a mere £8! Not sure who looks better in this, me or my husband! You decide :)

Sadly Alex hates it and wishes I would throw it out. No chance though, it's far too comfortable.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Everyone needs an Eris

I'm working from home today which means I am surrounded by my cats. Eris is the smallest and friendliest and used to sleep on me all the time when she was a kitten. Today she climbed inside my jumper and went to sleep with her head poking out the top! She hasn't done this for months when she used to climb inside my dressing gown. She's such a snuggly, sweet little thing although she's not a kitten any more (we've had her and Loki a whole year now).

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Esty Delights

My good friend Shierfirefly has finally set up her very own esty shop here filled with kawaii handmade lovliness. At the moment she has a whole range of cute pouches in different material (photos below) and I am sure she will be adding more goodies very soon. Plus today is her birthday so happy birthday sweetie x

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bad Religion

Last night I went to a punk gig to see Bad Religion. They are celebrating turning 30 and I don't think they have played in the UK for 13 years so it was my first time seeing them.

The support were a London band called The Sterilisers. A 5 piece including two ladies playing sax. They seemed quite nervous to be in front of such a big crowd but the singer really worked the crowd and they had really high energy. The sound wasn't great as the brass was really quiet and they only turned it up to a decent level for the last 2 songs.

Bad Religion themselves were excellent. They blend typical punk melodies and riffs with three part harmonies and excellent lyrics. I only own one album so recognised a mere 2 songs from the setlist and my friend knew none, but that didn't spoil our enjoyment at all. A high energy, fun night and one if the best live bands I've seen in ages. Plus they seemed to be enjoying every second of playing which is always great.

Below: me and Alice coming home afterwards from getting our punk on. We managed to blend in with our carefully chosen outfits! I'm on the right.

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Monday, August 23, 2010


I can't believe I have never had a cupcake until this weekend. I'm a big fan of Costa Coffee hot chocolates and when I went in for my Sunday morning fix they had run out of plain croissants. Shocking I know. I figured some solid food would be good and they had the cutest looking selection of cupcakes. The yellow lemon one sounded particularly yummy and it was divine. The frosting was so tasty, I love the bitterness of lemons. I will definitely go back for more, maybe I'll try strawberry next time.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dad's Birthday Fun

My Dad recently turned 60 so I planned a day of mystery fun for him. Neither me nor my sister gave him any clues as to what was in store for him...

First we went to the London Dungeon which was really spooky with people jumping out at you, a mirror maze with no exit and a hangmans drop. After we calmed our nerves with a couple if drinks before heading to Nobu food lunch. It's my dads favourite (very expensive) Japanese restaurant. The food was amazing and the service excellent. I had ordered a birthday cake and we even sang to him much to his embarrassment! The final surprise was a powerboat ride on the Thames which was so fun and exhilarating.

Some photos from the day are below:

Dad being the birthday boy

The Bento Box at Nobu yum

About to go on the powerboat

Me posing before the boat ride

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Welcome to my new blog! I just got an iPhone and I wanted a blog where I could post daily thoughts and ramblings which I will keep separate from my reviews. I will put up random pictures from out and about and keep this as more of a journal than anything else.